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Forex Trading Machine

Forex Trading MachineForex Trading Machine is actually an e-book package developed by Avi Frister. The author has made a research out of his experience on the Forex Trading. The package basically consists of three most profitable and price-specific strategies which may need very less technical analysis. The package sounds interesting because the author has spent much time studying hundreds of systems, technical signals and many strategies. These all researches and observation helped him to bring the result that the main thing needed is price.

The package is not very large consisting of hundreds of boring theories and explanations. It is just 180 pages e-book which helps to use three basic strategies to do Forex currency trading. The three basic strategies are as follows

Forex Cash Cow Strategy:

This strategy is meant for people who are busy working in some companies or are always busy with their work or the traders who are less experienced. This doesn’t require a person to constantly keep an eye on the market whole day i.e. whenever a trader gets time for a glance. The few time that a trader gets at the end of trading day can be utilized by looking as possible adjustments and if criteria is met placing the order. This has low risk and is for long term investment.

Forex Runner Strategy:

Forex Trading MachineIf a person is interested in intra day or day trading, he / she can go for this kind of trading. This also doesn’t need much of technical support but many set ups are to be made while using this strategy. This kind of strategy is very profitable because it tends to less amount of loss and may generate high profit.

Forex Flip and go Strategy:

This is one of the main applications who like to make profits in a day. It can generate approximately 40 pips of profit and losses are gradually reduced.

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